Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finally found that email address!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

This first quarter is going so quickly and smoothly that I haven't even had the opportunity to welcome everyone back.  I will be posting on this site shortly the current quarter's syllabus' for Grades 2 -5. The student's have been working on reading their quarterly minimum of books (6-12+, depending on grade level), mostly non-fiction books, and writing in their Reading Journals mini-lesson section (bullet listed information & citations) to be used for their lapbook research projects.  Also, they are to write weekly letters to me, or their teacher, in the Writing about Reading section, and we will respond in kind.  As a reminder, these assignments are in alignment with our Common Core Standards and curriculum, and are included as a major portion of their grades.

Our Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten classes have learned about Parts of the Library and the Care & Keeping of Books.  They have also learned about Parts of a Book, Characters and Setting, and what is an Author & Illustrator. 

Our 1st grade classes have been writing diligently on their first book, and working on becoming illustrators for their second book.  We are hoping to have our author's tea a little earlier this year.

We will also have our first Scholastic Book Fair during the week of our Parent-Teacher Conferences.  If any one is interested in volunteering to help bring classrooms to the library to write their Wish Lists, please let me know.  It would be greatly appreciated. 

Also if anyone is interested in volunteering in the library to help with shelving on a regular basis it would be EXTREMELY appreciated, due to the volume of books circulated.

As always, you are welcome come to visit our library during your child's class time.

Ms. Jeri Smith